Aqua Computer kryoM.2 EVO Performance SSD Cooler and Riser

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The kryoM.2 evo is a high-quality PCIe card that is capable of maximizing the performance of M.2 SSDs. To achieve this, Aqua Computer drastically increased the size of the main heat sink. A second smaller heat sink has been integrated to the backside of the board. This patent-protected system encloses the SSD between these two heat sinks and also cools it from both sides.

Key features of kryoM.2 evo:

  • Large passive cooler with improved cooling capacity for the upper side of the SSD
  • First-time integrated heat sink for SSD back-cooling
  • Configurable LED lighting and additional activity indicator on the backside
  • Silicone mat protects the SSD from environmental influences and serves as a light guide for the LEDs
  • Impedance controlled for high signal quality, high data rates and to avoid read/write errors
  • PCIe connector with hard gold coating
  • Fully gold-plated PCB
  • Slot panel with improved ventilation

A ring around the passive heat sink with orange-colored LEDs illuminates the kryoM.2 evo. The lighting can be configured with a sliding switch in three modes:

  • LEDs permanently on
  • LEDs permanently off
  • LEDs are controlled by the activity of the SSD

In addition, there is a small SSD logo on the back, which always lights up during activity. This logo is discreetly illuminated through the board with four LEDs.

Delivery will begin in early April, but orders can be already placed in Aqua Computers Webshop. The price for the kryoM.2 evo is 34.90 Euro. The previous kryoM.2 adapter is not replaced by the evo series and remains available.

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