Apple presents iPhone X with OLED Screen and Face ID

Got 999 USD or 1159 Euros to spend? Well, the new iPhone X has been announced. The iPhone X is the company's first smartphone with OLED screen, The 5.8 "screen covers almost all of the phone, the top for the camera which is used for a Face ID camera.

Apple unveiled the new smartphones at a press conference at the new headquarters that Apple built in Cupertino. The iPhone X is not only the most advanced iPhone so far, but also the most expensive stated; the X will be available for prices starting at 1,159 euro. It'll have a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen, yet be lighter and in some ways smaller than a Plus-sized phone. The front of the iPhone X covered by a 5.8 inch OLED display has a small edge for the camera, 3D face scanner and speaker only at the top. The screen has a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels. It's the first time that Apple uses OLED technology in an iPhone. The display is OLED — something the company calls “Super Retina.” This is Apple’s first play at edge-to-edge, completely ditching the home button in the process. Apple said OLED displays come with trade-offs compared to its Retina Displays, but that its Super Retina Display supports HDR, offers the best color accuracy on the market and 3D Touch support.Like in recent iPad Pro models, the iPhone X screen uses the so-called True Tone technology. In addition, the colors on the screen are adjusted to the tint of the light in the environment. Due to the larger screen, there is no longer room for the home button. To return to the home screen, swipe down from the top to the top with a finger. To go to the multitasking screen, you have to swipe upwards.

When you look at your iPhone, it will detect your face and will automatically unlock, even in the dark. Apple says it uses neural networks to create a mathematical model of your face and then compares that in real-time, invisibly, to make sure it's actually you. The A11 Bionic chip has a built-in neural engine to process your face, Apple said. The TrueDepth Camera can accurately and accurately recognize the user's face. An infrared sensor ensures that the scans also work in the dark. It should also be no problem if iPhone users wear hats, glasses or beards. The phone is only unlocked when the user looks at it; If the eyes are closed or look in a different direction, the system should not work. Apps that work with Touch ID also work with Face ID immediately. Apple said Touch ID is the gold standard for consumer protection and that there's a 1 in 50,000 chance that someone can randomly unlock your iPhone with their fingerprint. The iPhone X runs on the new Apple A11 Bionic chip, which, according to Apple, is up to 70 percent faster than the A10 of the iPhone 7. The built-in graphics chip is 30 percent faster than the A10 of last year. Apple has designed its own graphics chip (GPU) for the first time.

At the back of the phone is a 12 megapixel camera with two lenses. This also allows 4K videos to be recorded at 60 frames per second. Slow motion videos are recorded at 240 frames per second, twice as much as in previous models. The self-camera first films with full HD resolution. An enhanced portrait feature on the iPhone X adjusts the exposure in pictures. Apple says that no use is made of filters, but the software dynamically calculates the best light settings for the specific image.

The new front and rear cameras of the iPhone X are specially designed for augmented reality (AR), displaying virtual objects on top of the camera image. It also has dual optical image stabilization for both lenses, which helps prevent blur while moving and in low-light. A new Quad LED True Tone flash also improves pictures shot in the dark. Other iPhones also get access to new AR features when iOS 11 is released later this year. According to Apple, the battery life of the iPhone X has improved. On an average day, he would spend two hours longer than previous iPhones. The new iPhone can be charged wirelessly. Apple uses the Qi standard, which has previously introduced different Android smartphones.

The iPhone X is available from November 3, for 1159 euro with 64GB of storage and 1329 euro with 256GB of storage. The base 64 GB model is priced at $999/£999/AU$1,579, with the 256GB model priced at $1,149/£1,149/AU$1,829.  The presale starts a week earlier. Reportedly, the production of the X will initially be limited.

Apple presents iPhone X with OLED Screen and Face ID

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