AOC Announces AGON AG273QCX and AG273QCG 144Hz HDR Monitors

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AOC officially announced its newest AGON monitors with ultra-high resolutions, 144 Hz or more refresh rates and HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, in addition to monitors with an ultra-fast response time of just 0.5 ms.

HDR allows exceptional brightness and delivers colours with great contrast. The fastest monitors with 0.5 ms response time let gamers keep their momentum where fractions of a millisecond matter, allowing them not to miss any details which could hamper their success.

As one of the lightning fast models with just 0.5 ms response time, the AG273QCX will be equipped with a 27” curved TN panel at 144 Hz, boasting a QHD (1440p) resolution and AMD’s FreeSync2 with HDR. With a wide colour gamut support, it will have one of the best colour reproductions in TN panels. Its G-SYNC equipped brother, the AG273QCG has similar specs, lacking HDR but in turn boasting higher refresh rate at 165 Hz and G-SYNC support instead of FreeSync2 with HDR.

AOC AG273QCX Specifications
Screen Size 27-inch Curved
Resolution 2560x1440 (WQHD)
Panel Type TN
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (Widescreen)
Refresh Rate 144Hz
Response Time 0.5ms
Adaptive Sync FreeSync 2 HDR
Brightness  400 cd/m2
AOC AG273QCG Specifications
Screen Size 27-inch Curved
Resolution 2560x1440 (WQHD)
Panel Type TN
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (Widescreen)
Refresh Rate 165Hz
Response Time 0.5ms
Adaptive Sync G-Sync

With these upcoming AGON³ models, launching in 2018, AOC once again lives up to its premise of bringing the latest innovative technologies to gamers, eliminating external factors that held gamers back and letting true talent shine.

The AOC AG273QCX price is €600 (~$709); the release date is scheduled for April 2018. The G-Sync version, the AOC AG273QCG, is priced at €700 (~$827) and will be available in May 2018.

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