Antec Performance One P280 Now In White

Antec has added three new cases to its Performance One P280 series. It really has become a trend, as such the chassis series is all white, the company reveals an all-white P280 and an all-white P280 with an acrylic side window. The third case has a black/graphite color scheme and also has a side window. All other features are the same as the original P280. You can expect these new cases in retail stores by October 13.

The three chassis are a white variant of the P280, the P280-MW; a white version of P280 with an acrylic window on its side-panel, the P280-MW Window; and a black/graphite version of the P280 with windowed side-panel, the P280 Window.

The P280-MW and P280-MW feature all-white exteriors with mostly-white interiors with a dash of black for the cable inlets and drive trays. The three retain the USP of the original P280 - silence, and feature noise-absorption material lining its panels.

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