Angry Miao Launches AM AFA Alice Keyboard with 3-stage Adjustable Leaf-spring Mount, Starts at $680

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Angry Miao officially launched AM AFA, the world's first mechanical Alice keyboard with 3-stage adjustable leaf-spring mount for 18 different typing combos. At the same time, Angry Miao announced the Hover Ergonomic Maglev Wrist Rest, provided as a free gift with all AM AFA purchases.

AM AFA takes its inspiration from one of the Angry Miao team's favorite mecha animes with its fighter jet-like forward-swept design. Like a fighter jet, AM AFA excels in next-level design, mounting system, and craftsmanship.

Hollowing out the metal frame of AM AFA takes over 7 hours and is done using high-precision 5-axis CNC machinery. Its smooth edges are carefully cut and polished. After 2 hours of manual grinding and sandblasting of each single piece, AM AFA receives its body finish through anodizing, electrophoresis, or baked paint. The design of the AM AFA's adjustable leaf-spring mount takes its inspiration from height adjustable coilover suspension seen on cars since the 1950s. Coilovers allow for stiffness and range adjustment of the car's suspension, and Angry Miao's three-stage adjustable leaf-spring mount brings a similar experience to keyboards. Benefiting from the advantages of the Alice keyboard layout, AM AFA has built-in three-stage leaf-spring with adjustable gears. Just place the rubber stopper in a different gear to adjust the flex of the inner assembly, and experience keyboard flex with different levels of softness and hardness.

Rebound stiffness can be adjusted by switching between the two different leaf-spring materials: phosphorus copper and stainless steel. Conventional flex adjustment solutions, such as two sets of adjustment pads and an additional set of bottom pads, are also provided for mixing and matching. This allows the user to choose between 18 different typing combos.

Separated key housings
AM AFA uses separate key housings for the left and right sides. The mainboard, battery, wireless charging coil and other hardware are packaged separately from the key housings. The independent key housings minimize interior space to the maximum extent, and subsequently bring a significant improvement in reducing hollow typing sound. Only items directly related to typing, such as the PCB, plate, leaf-spring mount and pads are contained inside the key housing.

4-layer cutout PCB
With a thick 4-layer PCB compressed to just 1.2 mm, cutout, in-switch LEDs, and hot-swap are all available on a single PCB. This ensures an excellent keyboard experience with all the features users have come to expect.

AM AFA has cool lighting effects inspired by fighting scenes from mecha animes built-in. Users can also create custom lighting effects using Angry Miao's DIY site. When placed in a dark environment, AM AFA projects a lighting effect similar to that of an airplane lighting up the runway on your desk.

4 colorways
VF-19 Advance
Inspired by the variable fighters from mecha animes. Sand color electrophoresis frame matched with black front panels form this powerful fighter.

Inspired by the futuristic sci-fi spaceship as seen in movies. White electrophoresis on the front combined with an anodized gray frame, just like an advanced and mysterious spaceship wandering around in the galaxy.

The Dark Night
Anodized all-black, ready to be buried deep in the night.

Inspired by concept car designs. Angry Miao used a special paint process to combine retro white with bright orange to make it shine like a sports car should.

Exclusive: AM AFA Titanium version
One user will be randomly selected from international official website orders of AM AFA on November 1. The selected user will receive an additional AM AFA Titanium version Bundle on top of the original purchase. Due to the complicated production processes and high costs involved with titanium, this exclusive version will not be offered for general sale.

Hover Ergonomic Maglev Wrist Rest
Launching together with AM AFA is Hover, an ergonomic maglev wrist rest. Inspired by the hoverboard from Back to the Future, Hover uses magnetic force to allow for the ideal typing angle and quiet wrist movement. By using waterproof fabric from Toray, Hover is also easy to keep clean. Hover's adjustable design allows for compatibility with a wide variety of keyboards and other devices.

The Base Kit of AM AFA costs $680 USD, and the Bundle costs $795 USD. Each wrist rest for Hover costs 30 USD in stores.

Angry Miao Launches AM AFA Alice Keyboard with 3-stage Adjustable Leaf-spring Mount, Starts at $680

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