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AMD will say goodbye to another staff veteran, this round it is Chris Hook, the company's Senior Director of Global Product Marketing is leaving the company this month. Back in the days he joined ATI in the year 2001 and became an integral part of the company.

Hook joined ATI back in the days promoting and marketing GPU products, and later on as the technology spectrum widened anything ATI/AMD with a chip in it, Together with Raja Koduri (who now is working for Intel) he formed the Radeon Technologies Group. Chris has been a big name behind the scenes of what you guys see. Anything marketing wise from events to logo designs or the recent rebellion campaign, for example, that's him. Hook just announced his departure on Facebook;

"ATI still had a smoking room, there was only one TV in the office (a small 14” black and white version we crowded into a room to watch 9/11 on), transistor size was still measured in microns, and 320x240 was considered ‘high res’."

Way back in 2004 - staff holding the RV380 - Chris Hook to the right

We are sure he’ll be missed at AMD and in specific, the Radeon team. It will be interesting to see where (what company) he ends up, as he will be moving towards a new job likely in May already. He might follow Koduri who was the head of the Radeon Technologies Group.

On a personal note, in the years that have passed, I've met Chris many times since early 2000, actually now that I think of it - when he still had hair :) I wish the man with the most creative ideas and endless energy all the best in his new position, wherever that will be of course.

AMD just Chris Hook will be replaced by Sasa Marinkovic:

Sasa Marinkovic, Director, Radeon Software Marketing will be taking leadership of AMD Product and Content Marketing. Over his twenty years career at AMD, Sasa has successfully launched several generations of disruptive AMD products and will be responsible for the introduction of the next generation of AMD’s Ryzen and Radeon products. In addition, Chris Hook has left AMD to pursue other opportunities. We thank Chris for his many contributions and wish him well in the next stage of his career.

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