AMD's Unreleased FX-8100 CPU Makes Appearance

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AMD introduced its first desktop processors based on the Bulldozer architecture on October 12, but by the end of this year the chip maker is expected to release a few other chips based on this architecture, including the FX-8100 which was just spotted in HP's Pavillion systems.

The new AMD processor is expected to be released later this quarter according to CPU World, and it include four Bulldozer modules for a total of eight computing cores.

These are coupled with a massive 8MB of L2 cache as well a with 8MB of Level 3 cache memory, while its base clock speed is set at 2.8GHz.

Like the rest of AMD's FX-Series processors, the FX-8100 also includes support for the Turbo Core technology that can automatically increase the the CPU frequency to 3.1GHz when all cores are in use or to 3.7GHz when four or fewer cores are loaded.

Support for the SSE4, AES-NI and AVX instruction sets is also featured, but the chip comes with a lower TDP that the rest of its eight-core Bulldozer siblings since it fits inside a 95W TDP.

On the HP Pavilion HPE h8z order page, the AMD FX-8100 is $80 (58 EUR) cheaper than the 8150 and the processor is also available in the Pavillion h8m desktop PC.

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