AMD Zen6 Medusa CPU to Feature RDNA5 Integrated Graphics and 2.5D Chiplet Interconnect Technology

New chatter in the channel indicates AMD's development of the next-generation Zen6 architecture, codenamed "Medusa," which is anticipated to incorporate RDNA5 integrated graphics and adopt 2.5D chiplet interconnect technology. This advancement signifies a departure from AMD's previous Zen5 architecture and its associated products, such as the Granite Ridge CPU and Strix Point APU, which are set to be introduced within the year. Information suggests that the Zen6 Medusa CPUs will bypass the RDNA4 integrated GPU (iGPU) in favor of the more advanced RDNA5, marking a significant step in AMD's CPU development.

The Zen6 "Medusa" CPUs are reported to skip the RDNA4 integrated GPU in favor of the newer RDNA5 technology, aiming to provide enhanced graphical capabilities directly within the CPU. This enhancement is geared towards improving performance for both general consumers and professional users. While the Zen5 architecture, with its Granite Ridge and Strix Point APUs, integrates RDNA2 and an experimental RDNA3.5 integrated GPU respectively, and maintains the I/O die design seen in the Raphael series, the Zen6 "Medusa" is expected to shift towards a 2.5D chiplet interconnect technology. This change is anticipated to significantly boost communication speeds between chips.

The Zen6 architecture might adopt an advanced manufacturing process, potentially combining 3nm and 2nm technologies, to further enhance performance and efficiency. The expected launch of the Zen6 "Medusa" CPUs is projected for the 2025-2026 period, showcasing AMD's strategic planning for future developments.

Source: ithome

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