AMD ZEN 8-core Summit Ridge available in February 2017

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As you guys know, the 8-core Summit Ridge processor series from AMD will be the first ZEN based product series released to the desktop consumer market. As it looks right now, Summit Ridge is to be released in February 2017 opposed to the end of 2016.

The initial “Zen” CPU core is stated to deliver more than 40 percent improvement in instructions per clock cycle over the previous generation cores and will come to market first in an 8-core, 16-thread system-on-chip for desktops (=Summit Ridge). The "Summit Ridge" Zen family will feature a unified AM4 socket with its GPU-equipped "Bristol Ridge" APU counterparts, and feature DDR4 support and a an expected 95W TDP.  Though unconfirmed we expect each Zen core will have four integer units, two address generation units and four floating point units, and the decoder can decode four instructions per clock cycle. L1 data cache size is 32 KiB and L2 cache size 512 KiB per core. 2 CCUs = 2x8MB (L3) + 8x512KB (L2) = 20MB


In a recent presenation AMD shows Summit Ridge to be faster compared to an octacore-Broadwell-E at the same clock frequency.

AMD has not confirmed this information, however benchlife makes note of this on their website. The reason for the slight delay would be the introduction of a high-end / enthusiast class X370 chipset that would go along with the processor series release. X370 would be housed onto socket AM4 motherboards and will support DDR4 memory as well as all other modern usual suspects like USB 3.1 gen 2, SATA EXpress, M2 support as well as PCI-Express gen 3.0.

AMD ZEN 8-core Summit Ridge available in February 2017

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