AMD X570 chipset gets PCI Express 4.0 and USB 3.1 gen2

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As we get closer to the Computex announcements with hopefully some good NAVI and Ryzen 3000 info, we all klnow there will be a new chipset from AMD as well. It's not likely to be a massive upgrade chipset as the procs mostly are backward compatible with X370/X470.

According to new sources (which always need a disclaimer and a few grains of salt), the new generation of AMD Seriers 500 motherboards would, however, have a number of differences: the B550 chipset would not support PCIe 4.0, which would be exclusive to X570 boards.

  • USB 3.2 Gen 1: originally known as USB 3.0, and previously renamed to USB 3.1 Gen 1. It’s the original USB 3.0 specification, and it can transfer data at up to 5Gbps.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2: Previously known as USB 3.1, and then later as USB 3.1 Gen 2. It offers speeds at up to 10Gbps.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2x2: formally known as USB 3.2, it’s the newest and fastest spec, promising speeds at up to 20Gbps (by using two lanes of 10Gbps at once).

The X570 chipset would have 40 PCIe lanes, although some of those lanes would have been shared with the SATA interface. These boards would allow for eight USB 3.1 gen2 ports (10 Gbps), in addition to four USB 2.0 connections (but not USB 3.2 Gen2 )



The third generation of Ryzen processors would not be compatible with the A320 chipset, although it is claimed that there are practically no differences between B350 and A320. The X570 boards should be on the shelves from July, with B550 arriving two months later. 

AMD X570 chipset gets PCI Express 4.0 and USB 3.1 gen2

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