AMD Will Release a Raven Ridge APU Graphics driver once each Three Months

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Those who have bought a Raven Ridge Based APU have been experiencing a bit of a hard time drivers wise. When the APUs first released, the driver set was separated from the Radeon Software branch. Later on, AMD promised to add the driver set towards the existing Adrenalin install based drivers.

However, as the adopters of AMD Ryzen 3 2200G and AMD Ryzen 5 2500X, driver support has been lacking. And for an APU with low-level gaming capabilities, that means they miss out on the better game optimization that dedicated graphics card owners do take advantage of. Early May AMD released an Adrenalin driver that included support for Raven Ridge, making a lot of people happy. From there onwards it was expected that all Adrenalin driver would get APU support. As it turns out now, things are not as unified on a driver level at it seems. Recent Radeon driver updates all lacked Raven Ridge support.

As it turns out now, there will be a driver for Raven Ridge every three months. Social media manager Matt, from AMD, responded with the announcement that only the WHQL versions of the drivers will include RR support and these are released once every three months, these thus offer support for the APUs.  That means that any hotfix or beta driver will not support Raven Ridge APUs. And yes, that is going to disappoint a lot of consumers, as they really would like that 0-day game support on their APUs as well.

It's a little weird to see, Intel is moving to 0-day game support with their drivers for IGPs, and AMD is falling back to just four drivers per year for their APUs. Then again, at least you get four sets of WHQL drivers for your APU each year.


AMD Ryzen 5 2400G

AMD Will Release a Raven Ridge APU Graphics driver once each Three Months

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