AMD Vega 20 and Ryzen 5 Pro Mobile Say Hello

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On a newly leaked roadmap slash set of media slides some new info on AMD Vega 20 and Ryzen 5 Pro Mobile have exposed itself. Let's have a peek at them.

Thew news reaches us through the channels of of Informatica Cero, basically three slides reveal a thing or two. Slide one shows a roadmap for desktop processors and APUs in 2017. Bristol Ridge and Raven Ridge we all know about yet Pincacle Ridge, Raven Matisse and Picasso certainly are new entries. 

Picasso would be a Raven Ridge architecture refresh. And AMD is AMD, they stick to socket AM4.The desktop part is listed as “Matisse” also hanging in there on socket AM4 followed by a Pinnacle Ridge refresh.

The next slide then mentions a Vega 20 GPU, and that's also pretty much it. Now I have to raise some concerns about this slide, as it doesn't feel like a slide from AMD imho. Regardless, it shows PCIe Gen4, which is intersting to mention. The entry shows at Q3 2018 and likely is the refresh of Vega 10 GPUs yet now moved to the new 12nm LP fabrication process.


This last slide definitely looks to be an original AMD one. Here interesting is the Ryzen 5 PRO mobile entry. It shows a bit of a performance comparison yet lacks numbers though. Looking at it, Ryzen 5 Pro mobile could beat Kabylake i5 in multi-threaded CPU performance. ANd on the GPU side of things, well AMD alwways has been so much better. The indicated power consumption also seems good. 

AMD Vega 20 and Ryzen 5 Pro Mobile Say Hello

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