AMD Unveils Ryzen 7040U Series: Next-Gen Mobile Processors with Zen 4 Architecture

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AMD is excited to unveil its brand-new Ryzen 7040U series mobile processors, powered by the innovative Zen 4 architecture. The Ultraportable laptop sector now has four distinct options to choose from: the Ryzen 3, a pair of Ryzen 5s, and the top-of-the-line Ryzen 7.

Each of these models boasts a TDP ranging from 15 to 30W and comes equipped with integrated Radeon 700M GPUs. Furthermore, notebook designers have the flexibility to configure the 15 W TDP to enhance frequencies up to 30 W.

The Ryzen 3 7440U, the base model of the series, houses four cores and eight threads, a 3 GHz base clock, and a turbo frequency of 4.7 GHz. The duo of Ryzen 5s, the 7540U and 7640U, provide six cores and twelve threads, with base clocks of 3.2GHz and 3.5GHz respectively. Both chips pack 22MB of L3 cache memory, and a turbo clock speed of 4.9GHz. The top-tier Ryzen 7 7840U impresses with eight cores, sixteen threads, a 3.3 GHz base clock, and a boost clock that reaches 5.1GHz. This model is equipped with 24MB of L3 cache memory.

Each of these processors feature an integrated Radeon 700M GPU, with distinct compute units and top speeds for each model. The Radeon 700M line is powered by the same RDNA3 architecture found in the Radeon RX 7000 desktop graphics cards. Also included is the Ryzen AI Engine, an XDNA architecture-based FPGA developed using Xilinx technology, designed for specialized computational tasks.

Ryzen 3 7440U Ryzen 5 7540U Ryzen 5 7640 Ryzen 7 7840U
Cores/Threads 4 cores8 threads 6 cores 12 threads 6 cores 12 threads 8 cores 16 threads
Clock speed Base: 3GHz Boost: 4.7GHz Base: 3.2GHz Boost: 4.9GHz Base: 3.5GHz Boost: 4.9GHz Base: 3.3GHz Boost: 5.1GHz
GPU Radeon 740M RDNA3 740M or 760M RDNA3 780M RDNA3
L3 cache 12MB 22MB 24MB
Power TDP 15-30W

Unveiled at CES 2023, AMD's Ryzen 7040U series has already begun shipping to notebook manufacturers. This new series outperforms its competitors, providing up to 139% faster iGPU performance than the Intel Core i7-1360P "Raptor Lake-U" processor and 75% faster CPU performance than the Apple M2 SoC. With the latest "Zen 4" CPU cores and RDNA3 graphics, based on the 4 nm "Phoenix" monolithic silicon, the Ryzen 7040U series is a game-changer.

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