AMD to Standardize Mobile Processors Across Power Variants with Single SKU Strategy

A product manager from Lenovo's ThinkBook series indicated via a Weibo post that AMD is set to implement a significant change in its mobile processor lineup starting with the forthcoming Strix Point. AMD plans to eliminate the differentiation of -U, -HS, and -H suffixes in its mobile processors, opting instead for a single SKU that covers a standard Thermal Design Power (TDP) range of 15 to 45 watts. Currently, AMD's mobile processors are categorized by these suffixes to indicate different power specifications: the -U suffix typically represents a processor with a default TDP of 28 watts, adjustable between 15 and 30 watts; the -HS suffix processors are set at a default of 45 watts, adjustable between 35 and 54 watts; the -H versions share the same specifications as the -HS models.

The transition to a unified SKU approach is expected to simplify operations and testing complexities for manufacturers. However, this change may impact users' ability to quickly gauge the performance level of a laptop based on the processor suffix, as these distinctions will no longer be apparent. Despite the consolidation of standard mobile processor models, the HX suffix will remain, although its definition will be adjusted in the near future. Further details have been provided by IT Home in previous reports, noting that AMD is scheduled to release the Ryzen AI 9 HX 170 CPU as the flagship model within the Strix series. This move reflects AMD's strategic shift toward streamlining their product offerings while potentially increasing the versatility of their processors across different mobile computing devices.


Source: ithome

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