AMD to Release NVMe RAID Support for X399 September 25th

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More news coming AMD is that the X399 motherboards will be supporting Bootable NVME RAID. A nice free upgrade I'd say. AMD got some heat recently, not having this feature available.

So to hook into that last topic, the feature was not available just yet. AMD will be releasing a free NVMe driver for the X399 platform. The new driver will enabled RAID 0, 1 and 10 with up-to 10 devices. If you wanted to RAID three M2 SSDs, now you can. You could in theory also add M2 SSDs on a PCI-Express add-in card and have these join the RAID group. It is not yet known if the feature is a chipset function or a software based solution.

The good news is that the new RAID driver is bootable. This however will require a BIOS update. The driver and BIOS updates should become available starting September 25th.

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