AMD to halt monthly driver releases

Graphics Cards 1673 Published by ImageThough this is unconfirmed (at the moment) it seems that our forums wizard asder00 spotted a post on rage3d that validates what I have been expecting for a while now, AMD will halt their monthly driver updates. Taken from R3D forum:

There should be a public announcement today, but I have been allowed to share this info right now.

  • AMD will end monthly Catalyst driver releases starting with Catalyst 12.5 (which won't exist). They have decided to focus harder on quality and improvements vs regular updates which may not bring many new things. This way there will be no need for two separate driver development paths every month: one to get the official WHQL driver and another that keeps doing the regular driver development.
  • We should expect more "hot fixes" and "preview drivers" when new games are released or urgent fixes are required.
  • There is a beta driver we are testing right now that fixes the Eyefinity tearing on the third monitor when mixing outputs. I have verified that it works with Southern Islands based cards, so I don't know if it will work with previous cards. Anyway, if no major issues are found, this driver should be publicly available next week.

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