AMD Strix Point Ryzen 9000 To Be Renamed to Ryzen AI 300 Series

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Multiple credible Chinese sources, including updates from a Lenovo product manager reported significant updates to AMD's naming strategy for its next-generation APUs, codenamed Strix Point. Originally anticipated to be branded as the Ryzen AI 100 series, the latest development indicates a shift to the Ryzen AI 300 series. This new nomenclature, if finalized, will categorize the forthcoming APUs as Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 and Ryzen AI 9 365. This shift suggests AMD's ongoing adjustments in its product branding to better reflect the advancements and generational leaps in its technology. The Strix Point series, successor to the Phoenix Point lineup that first introduced Neural Processing Unit (NPU) technology, is noted as the third generation of AMD's APUs incorporating NPU functionality. This appears to be a primary reason for the adoption of the '3' in the new Ryzen AI 300 series naming convention. The processors are anticipated to feature a dual Compute Complex (CCX) design, integrating up to 4 Zen5 cores and 8 Zen5c cores, along with a 24MB L3 cache.

In terms of graphical capabilities, the APUs are expected to be equipped with up to 8 Workgroup Processors (16 Compute Units) based on the RDNA 3.5 architecture. Additionally, the integrated NPU is reported to offer over 40 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second) of computational power, enhancing tasks that benefit from artificial intelligence technologies. The change in the naming scheme from the initial Ryzen AI 100 series to the Ryzen AI 300 series indicates AMD's strategy to align the naming with the technological progression and the generation of processors. The '1' initially representing the processor generation has been updated to '3', reflecting the ongoing advancements and iterations within AMD's APU offerings.


According to sources, AMD is expected to unveil these new APUs at the 2024 Taipei International Computer Show in early June, where the naming convention will be officially confirmed.

VideoCardz CPU Cores/Threads GPU Graphics NPU AI Acceleration TDP 
AMD RYZEN AI 300 SeriesStrix Point Zen5/RDNA3.5
Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 12C/24T 16CU XDNA2 15-45W
Ryzen AI 9 365 10C/20T - XDNA2 15-45W
AMD RYZEN 8040 SeriesHawk Point Zen4/RDNA3
Ryzen 9 8945HS 8C/16T 12CU XDNA 35-54W
Ryzen 7 8845HS 8C/16T 12CU XDNA 35-54W
Ryzen 7 8840HS 8C/16T 12CU XDNA 20-30W
Ryzen 7 8840U 8C/16T 12CU XDNA 15-30W
Ryzen 5 8645HS 6C/12T 8CU XDNA 35-54W
Ryzen 5 8640HS 6C/12T 8CU XDNA 20-30W
Ryzen 5 8640U 6C/12T 8CU XDNA 15-30W
Ryzen 5 8540U 6C/12T 4CU N/A 15-30W
Ryzen 3 8440U 4C/8T 4CU N/A 15-30W

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