AMD StoreMI version 2.0 is on the way

While we're not sure that in the age of NAND based storage people still need solutions like StoreMI, AMD still seems to be working on revision 2.0. 

AMD confirmed that this software will receive a completely redesigned version 2.0 in the course of 2020.

“AMD StoreMi technology was redesigned for 2020 and beyond with a new interface and new functionality. Some highlights of version 2.0 include a new caching-based acceleration algorithm that increases data integrity and prioritizes the most used data, speeding up boot times by up to 31% and reducing game load times by up to 13% compared to an HDD by itself. With its smart design and slick interface, AMD StoreMI is ideal for SSD speeds with HDD capabilities. ”

There are no details yet on when we will see the new version of StoreMI, although if the new version works well, it can be an interesting option for to speed up their HDD performance. We will keep you updated on this.

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