AMD Sienna Cichlid spotted in Linux Kernel patches, Big Navi?

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New Linux kernel patches show mention of AMD "Sienna Cichlid" GPU, which could be the "Big Navi" GPU. And I mean, hey it's got to be released at some point in time, Q3 seems pretty valid.

The codename is pretty unusual though. The patches indicate Sienna Cichlid is a Navi-based GPU with new VCN 3.0 capabilities for video encoding and DCN3 on the display front and a variety of other alterations compared to the existing Navi support, as Phoronix spotted:

It's quite possible Sienna Cichlid is the "big Navi" / RDNA2 GPU. AMD developers have talked before of using alternative codenames when volleying patches early for their open-source Linux driver stack as to not reveal the product/marketing codenames, which could be the case here. This is the first time we are hearing of Sienna Cichlid or seeing any references on the web of it related to AMD. Given the timing of these patches, the AMD Sienna Cichlid won't be mainlined until the Linux 5.9 merge window opening in August and then releasing in stable around October. That timeframe at least does point to Sienna Cichlid likely being the "RDNA 2" graphics card launch coming later in the calendar year.

Update: this is definitely not Big Navi as the memory bus is read out as 128-bit wide as forum member krtec noticed.... :)

+ if (adev->asic_type == CHIP_SIENNA_CICHLID && amdgpu_emu_mode == 1) {
+ adev->gmc.vram_type = AMDGPU_VRAM_TYPE_GDDR6;
adev->gmc.vram_width = 1 * 128; /* numchan * chansize */
+ } else {
+ r = amdgpu_atomfirmware_get_vram_info(adev,
+ &vram_width, &vram_type, &vram_vendor);
+ adev->gmc.vram_width = vram_width;
+ adev->gmc.vram_type = vram_type;
+ adev->gmc.vram_vendor = vram_vendor;
+ }

AMD Sienna Cichlid spotted in Linux Kernel patches, Big Navi?

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