AMD Ryzen Stock Cooling Solutions Photos

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The mighty interwebz today have leaked photos of the Ryzen tock cooler, also packaging for the processors was spotted online.

It seems AMD will release OEM trays, PIB (processor in a box) with its basic fan-heatsink cooling solution, PIB with the new Wraith Spire cooling solution; PIB with the what is called Wraith Max, and SKUs without fan-heatsink consumer according to InformaticaCeroXFastest, and VideoCardz

There's going to be a Wraith Spire cooler bundled with some non-X Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 processor models, this cooler has a thermal load rating of 95W. It seems a total of two models will be relased, the Max and Spire version. That Spire model could very well be the LED acivated one we discussed earlier. For the cheaper 5 series the model as shown by xfastest might become the default cooler, previously used on FX-series processors as well.

Have a peek below at the thumbnails, I'll leave this info furthermore for what it is.

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