AMD Ryzen 9000 (Zen 5) Desktop Processors Would Launch Late-July

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AMD is gearing up for a major release in late July 2024 with their latest line of processors, the Ryzen 9000 series, dubbed Granite Ridge. This new lineup is built on AMD's advanced Zen 5 microarchitecture, as indicated by discussions on the ChipHell tech forums. Initially, AMD plans to offer four models of this series, ranging from 6-core to 16-core configurations. This array mirrors the variety introduced with their Ryzen 7000 series. It's expected that AMD will officially unveil these processors at the Computex 2024 event, providing details about their features and capabilities.

The leak about this upcoming series comes from a forum user known as wjm47196, who has a notable track record of sharing reliable information about AMD's product plans. According to their posts, the Ryzen 9000 will exclusively use Zen 5 cores and will not feature a hybrid core design. At launch, there won't be models with 3D V-Cache, a type of memory integrated into the chip for improved performance. However, AMD might introduce these versions sooner than it did with the previous series, possibly as a countermove to new products from competitors like Intel.

One of the key advantages of the Ryzen 9000 series is its compatibility with current AMD systems, thanks to its continued use of the AM5 socket. This compatibility is confirmed as various motherboard manufacturers are already releasing firmware updates to support these new chips. Alongside these processors, AMD is also set to launch the X870 chipset at Computex, which will support enhanced features and optimizations for new motherboards. Interestingly, AMD has decided to skip the Ryzen 8000 name for its desktop processors and jump ahead from the 7000-series chipsets directly to the 8000 series. This naming decision is part of AMD's strategy to simplify its product lineup while focusing on significant performance and integration enhancements.

For users with motherboards based on the AMD 600-series chipset, the transition to the new CPUs will be made easy, and allows for a straightforward firmware update process to accommodate the new hardware.

RUMORED AMD Ryzen (AM5) Desktop Series

CPU Cores Boost Clock L2 and L3 Cache Int. Graphics Launch Price
AMD Ryzen 9000 - ZEN5 - Granite Ridge
Ryzen 9 9950X 16x Zen5 TBC TBC 2CU RDNA2 -
Ryzen 9 9900X 12x Zen5 TBC TBC 2CU RDNA2 -
Ryzen 7 9700X 8x Zen5 TBC TBC 2CU RDNA2 -
Ryzen 5 9600X 6x Zen5 TBC TBC 2CU RDNA2 -
AMD Ryzen 7000 - ZEN4 - Raphael
Ryzen 9 7950X3D 16x Zen4 5.7 GHz 144MB 2CU RDNA2 $699
Ryzen 9 7950X 16x Zen4 5.7 GHz 80MB 2CU RDNA2 $699
Ryzen 9 7900X3D 12x Zen4 5.6 GHz 140MB 2CU RDNA2 $599
Ryzen 9 7900X 12x Zen4 5.6 GHz 76MB 2CU RDNA2 $549
Ryzen 9 7900 12x Zen4 5.4 GHz 76MB 2CU RDNA2 $429
Ryzen 7 7800X3D 8x Zen4 5.0 GHz 104MB 2CU RDNA2 $449
Ryzen 7 7700X 8x Zen4 5.4 GHz 40MB 2CU RDNA2 $399
Ryzen 7 7700 8x Zen4 5.3 GHz 40MB 2CU RDNA2 $329
Ryzen 5 7600X 6x Zen4 5.3 GHz 38MB 2CU RDNA2 $299
Ryzen 5 7600 6x Zen4 5.1 GHz 38MB 2CU RDNA2 $229
Ryzen 5 7500F 6x Zen4 5.0 GHz 38MB N/A $179


Source: Wjm47196 Chiphell, Videocardz

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