AMD Ryzen 5000 ZEN3 based APU already spotted (Cezanne)

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Man, a lot of stuff surely leaks through the SiSoft database. This round we can spot an APU from AMD that is not yet released. AMD just released their PRO series Ryzen 4000G APUs based on a Renoir architecture. Spotted now is Cezanne and yes that would be ZEN3.

The heir to Renoir is codenamed Cezanne. The APU features a combination of Zen3 cores and as it turns out, Vega graphics again. The successor to Cezanne, my man Rembrandt (sorry, I am Dutch) will eventually change to newer graphics architecture, likely Navi RDNA2 based. The database does not provide any information about the CPU cores of the notebook processor. Neither the number nor the clock frequency is listed.

The AMD Cezanne APU reveals eight compute units (CU) with 64 shader units each, which actually matches the Ryzen 7 4800U. So that's 512 Shader cores. The GPU clock is a notch higher at 1850 MHz. In the Sandra listing the integrated GPU performed around 5 to 10 percent faster than the Ryzen 7 4800U. The listing shows entries called “Celadon-CZN Renoir”, suggesting that both APU series bestow an identical physical design. So yes, this would be a preliminary sign of life for Ryzen 5000G. Since it's spotted this early already, a launch early Q1 2021 would not seem implausible.

AMD Ryzen 5000 ZEN3 based APU already spotted (Cezanne)

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