AMD Ryzen 3000 with 12 and 16 cores will make an appearance as well

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Yesterday at the keynote from CEO Lisa Su, you will have noticed that she mention 8-core Ryzen processors, not 12 or 16. However we can somewhat confirm that Ryzen 3000 is coming (inevitably) in a 12 and 16 core version as well. And you can tell by simply looking at the photos.

Yesterday when Lisa Su held up the Ryzen 3000 8-core processor, you must have been a little baffled by the unusual design right? That huge IO chiplet (likely bigger fabrication process than 7nm) and then a CPU die holding the 8-core part.

What nagged me where the looks of the design. The photo showing the CPU package is asymmetric, and everything in CPU and GPU land is always as symmetric as possible, even visually, let's have a look:


As you can see there is space for another CPU die right below the first one.  Now I have photoshopped the next photo as an example:


So in theory that fits and sits there well right? And isn't the package looking symmetric all of the sudden? Now in the screengrab below you can see an actual photo of the package more closeup, it is a screengrab from a video from PC World, you can clearly see the SMT traces for a second die.



And that pretty much confirms any suspicion. A 12 and 16 core part are likely to land at AMD land at one point.

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