AMD Ryzen 2021-2022 roadmap with codenames leak - Van Gogh and Warhol

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The names you're about to see, you might have seen before as some of them aren't new. AMD Ryzen 2021-2022 roadmap and codenames partially leaked, the codename addition are once again are painting artists after Renoir and Vermeer, Cezanne, Van Gogh and 'Warhol' are named.

The interesting part is that the leak mentions Cezanne, Van Gogh and 'Warhol' for next year (2021) already. Warhol would be released after Vermeer, according to the stuff leaked by MebiuW. AMD Warhol could/would be a Vermeer Refresh or an the product that transitions the platform from AM4 to AM5 socket. Van Gogh is labelled as ‘CVML’ which presumably means ‘Computer Vision and Machine Learning’. and thus is aimed at a market segment than Cezanne. However Navi2-based APUs would thus be expected in 2021. Cezanne would be based on Vega7 graphics, Van Gogh will be the first APU series would see Navi architecture.

The roadmap also shows part of 2022, and if you look a bit deeper you'll see cut off  'Raphael'. based on a different socket than AM4. So this means Warhol would become an intermediate generation before AM5 will be introduced. Zen 3, a 7nm node and PCIe 4.0 would still be used - it is not yet clear what differentiates this alleged Ryzen 5000 series. 

Yeah, it's a lot to take in and digest, just have a peek at the partially leaked and stiched together roadmap to understand things a bit better. 

AMD Ryzen 2021-2022 roadmap with codenames leak - Van Gogh and Warhol

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