AMD RX 500 Series Specifications and Slides Leak Onto The Web

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Slides and photos from an Asia based event leaked on-to the web showing the upcoming Radeon RX 500 series, this includes a Radeon 550 - 560 - 570 and 580. The photos that got leaked at website Jisakutech.

The photos went through officelens and are plastered all over the web by now. Considering we are under NDA I really cannot and do not want share too much information, then again ... look anywhere and you can spot the slides hence I'll just include a couple. It looks like the Radeon RX 580 gets an increase boost frequency and is using a familiar looking Polaris GPU with the same CU and shader processors counts. This also applies to the RX 570 compared to the 470, however again with an increased boost clock. 

For the past few weeks there has been no mention of a Radeon RX 560, it seems this one now has surfaced as well. This SKU will get more shader processors cores with a CU count of 32, equalling to 1024 shader processors. An RX 550 also is spotted with 512 Stream Processors (8 CUs) and 2 GB of memory.

Source: Liazon via Jisakutech via Videocardz

Meanwhile, a little VEGA teaser video was shown there as well:

AMD RX 500 Series Specifications and Slides Leak Onto The Web

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