AMD Roadmaps mention RDNA2, ZEN3 and ZEN4

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If you think AMD has been peaking this year ... well sure, they have been doing just that. But that doesn't mean there's more in that rendering pipeline. In a financial briefing, two new slides popped up, detailing a roadmap mentioning RDNA2, ZEN3 and ZEN4

While the roadmap isn't exactly shocking news, it confirms that the design phase of Zen 3 is complete and that will be a "7 nm+" process refresh. Interesting to see is the mention of ZEN4 which is in its design phase, as is Zen 5, we assume. "AMD Corporate Deck-September 2019" covers AMD's plans up-to 2022.

A similar roadmap was shown for the Radeon branch from 2017 to 2021, but not 2022. The 7 nanometer rdna designs are now being shipped, and a new RDNA2 design based on a 7nm+ process would be in its design phase. All this is on schedule and in line with the Xbox Scarlett that will use the new architecture, this console would appear in 2020. 

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