AMD reponds to Ryzen 5000 desktop processor shortages

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You might have noticed it, AMD has problems supplying enough Ryzen Series 5000 processors. That's does take everybody back to the Ampere launch mindset from NVIDIA, products which you still can't purchase. 

AMD responded through social media, the answer is ingenious, and much like NVIDIA, they state that demand is much higher than expected. AMD does reiterate it has not been a paper launch. They 'shipped tons' of processors, but they quickly sold out. AMD's Frank Azor responded on Twitter with a comment from a user who claims that Ryzen 5000 is a 'paper launch'. According to Azor, there is a big difference between delivering large numbers and a 'paper launch'. Azor hereby indicates that AMD has already supplied 'enormous quantities', but that the demand is still greater than the supply.

We also received an email from a user in the UK, he ordered a 5950X and currently sits roughly at #290 in the waiting queue for delivery at Scan. He mentions this; ' I would also say I'm a retailer and stock of the 5900X was not terrible but the 5950X was almost non-existant'.

When asked whether AMD implemented a bots-resistant plan during the launch of Zen 3, Azor said they have done everything they can, including in collaboration with retail partners, and have succeeded in most situations. reach the goal. However, he also indicates that it is a battle that will never be won in its entirety, but that they continue to learn from each launch to do better next time. And yes, the signs for the Radeon RX 6800 (XT) being available in good volume, are not good either. 

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