AMD RDNA 3.5 GPU Series Device ID list shows (new) GFX1152 entry

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AMD is set to introduce its latest GPU technology, RDNA 3.5, also referred to as RDNA 3+. This updated series includes a new and previously unlisted GPU model, designated as "GFX1152," expanding the RDNA 3.5 GPU lineup. The lineup also features the known "GFX1150" and "GFX1151" graphics IPs, representing the 11.5 series within AMD's portfolio. Phoronix, revealed through a blog post that the GFX1152 variant was identified in the AMDGPU LLVM shader compiler. This version has sparked curiosity as its specific product application remains undisclosed. It Home notes that while the GFX1150 is linked to AMD’s Strix Point, and the GFX1151 is connected to Strix Point Halo, the role and utilization of GFX1152 are yet to be clarified.

Further analysis of the AMDGPU shader compiler's enablement patch indicates that GFX1152 is designed for APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), rather than for updates to discrete graphics cards. Structurally, GFX1152 is analogous to GFX1150 in terms of its compiler backend; however, unlike the GFX1151 which includes the "Feature1_5xVGPRs" for enhanced VGPR (Vector General Purpose Registers) allocation, GFX1152 does not feature such modifications. It incorporates additional checks within its conditional statements, suggesting subtle, yet distinct functional adjustments.

AMD's roadmap includes the release of the Ryzen AI 300 series in July 2024, where RDNA 3.5 graphics technology is also expected to make its debut. Support for the GFX1150 and GFX1151 has already been integrated into the AMD Linux driver stack available open-source for several months. The recent emergence of GFX1152 in development circles likely points to its role in forthcoming products or potentially in semi-custom chip solutions, which are tailored to meet specific customer needs in the computing market.


Source: Phoronix

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