AMD Radeon R9 390, R9 380, R9 370 and R9 360 Series Rebrands

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We discussed this a couple of times already, but as we near Computex things are getting more and more clear about AMD's Radeon line-up. Yes, there will be a new product with HBM memory, but it's not going to be called a R9 390 or 390X.

See, the AMD Radeon R9 390, R9 380, R9 370 and R9 360 Series will be respin products. New info makes it abundantly clear, the R9 390 for example, will be Hawaii based (R9 390). 

We know for a fact that HBM is limited to 4 GB graphics memory so that 8GB series we see in the listing can't be Fiji or anything HBM (High Bandwith Memory) based, hence the one puzzle we needed to solve was what would AMD do with Hawaii ? Well, the 390 must be the Hawaii GPU refresh, yet tied to 8GB of graphics memory and likely a few tweaks on GPU and memory.

The AMD Radeon R9 380 is based on Tonga (Radeon R8 285) and has 1792 stream processors. The AMD Radeon R9 370 OEM “Pitcairn” and has 1024 stream processors (Radeon 7800/ R9 270X). Then the low-end R9 360 OEM (radeon 7790 / Radeon R9 260) is based on Bonaire and gets 768 stream processors. Hawaii is of course based on 2816 shader processors. 

So the new / refresh lineup should look something like this:

  AMD Radeon Fiji AMD Radeon R9 390 AMD Radeon R9 380  AMD Radeon R9 370  AMD Radeon R7 360 
Fabrication Process 14 or 28nm 28nm 28nm 28nm 28nm
GPU Fiji Hawaii Pro/XT Tonga Pro Pitcairn Pro Bonaire Pro
Streaming Processors 4096 2816 1792 1024 768
Graphics memory 4 GB HBM 8 GB GDDR5 4 GB GDDR5 4-2 GB GDDR5 2 GB GDDR5
Memory Clock tba 5.0 GHz 5.5 GHz 5.6 GHz 6.5 GHz
Core Clock tba > 1.00 GHz 918 MHz 975 MHz 1050 MHz
Memory Bandwidth 640 GB/s 320 GB/s 176 GB/s 179.2 GB/s 104 GB/s
Power Connectors 1 x 6-pin - 1 x 8-pin 1 x 6-pin - 1 x 8-pin 2 x 6-pin 1 x 6-pin n/a
Form Factor Full Height, Dual slot Full Height, Dual slot Full Height, Dual slot Full Height, Dual slot Full Height, Dual slot
Freesync  Yes Yes Yes No Yes
DirectX 12 Support  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Now we assume that the Radeon 390 series might clock a tad higher on the GPU and memory clock (I'd expect 7 GHz GDDR5), but I've added the reference spec to be safe. This begs one question, Fiji with its HBM memory isn't listed short term, what will that card be named like ? You can likely a new naming schema starting with that product. Fiji originally was supposed to be fabbed at 20nm, that however has been canned. So we are not certain of it's going to be an all new 14nm GPU or one huge 28nm one. But with HBM on-board the silicon, who knows ...

We expect the Radeon 360 to 390 series cards to be announced during computetex, and then Fiji most likely at E3.

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