AMD Radeon Pro V340 with two Vega 10 GPUs surfaces online

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Some specs have been spotted on the AMD Radeon Pro V340, a graphics card intended for the professional segment of the market, interesting fact: it has 32GB HBM2 and has been fitted with two Vega GPU's.

The slide was published by Benchlife, the card is intended for designers, the oil and gas industry and the likes e.g. the professional market. Now, there has been a bit of confusion, as to that 32 GB HBM2 making some believe this would be VEGA20 (at 7nm).

That's not the case, let me explain. A single Vega 10 holds a maximum of either 8GB or 16GB HBM2 spread over two 4GB or 8GB packages per chip so that 32GB would make you think that the Radeon Pro V340 could be a Vega 20 GPU at 7nm, with 4096bit instead of 2048bit-bus right? Not it's 16GB HBM2, per GPU. There are two GPUs, thus that's how they got to 32GB HBM2, quick and easy.



Videocardz mentions that this Pro V340 has been found in the drivers as '"AMD Radeon Pro V340 MxGPU', which confirmes it is Multi-GPU. See it as a frontier edition times two.

AMD Radeon Pro V340 with two Vega 10 GPUs surfaces online

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