AMD Radeon 5800 XT (big NAVI) to get 80 Compute units?

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The rumor mill on graphics cards news stops, today big NAVI is rumored to get 80 CS, that's double the 5700 XT. This would make the chip twice the size of the Radeon RX 5700 XT. Albeit AMD already confirmed the chip to be released this year, specs have never been mentioned.

Of course, specifications are derived from the rumor mill and should to be treated with caution. The new comes from Chiphell forum. That's 80 compute units with RDNA2 architecture and native ray tracing support, the chip: Navi 21.

The only question that arises, is whether this is realistic as doubling up CU count doubles up the die size, on the same 7nm fabrication node. AMD is keen to become a big player again in the enthusiast segment. To tackle a 2080 Ti they need something powerful, and Ampere/Hopper is lurking around the corner as well.



AMD Radeon 5800 XT (big NAVI) to get 80 Compute units?

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