AMD Radeon 390 and 390X Specs and Benchmarks ?

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Interesting news, over at the ranking system of SiSoft Sandra new entries have been spotted of what seem to be GPUs that we don't know of. And the specs are pretty appealing. Let's call the two entries the Radeon R9 390 and 390X for now (complete speculation of course). But the 390X entry would be a GPU with 4096 Shader Processors running / 64  Compute Units at 1GHz with 4GB of graphics memory running at 1.25GHz (= 5Gbps).

The 1 GHz would be a boost speed meaning the dynamic clock could hover in-between say 900 MHZ and that 1 GHz. The second entry shows a GPU which we will call the Radeon R9 390 at 3520 Shader Processors / 44 Compute Units. These obviously and very likely are engineering samples of some kind and whether or not these are TBA consumer desktop SKUs is unknown.

But fact is, these entries are there, meaning there is a Hawaii architecture based SKU in the works with 4096 and one with 3520 Shader processors running in the 1 GHz marker. The memory might seem to be clocked a little low, but we don't know the memory bus interface, heck if that is 512-bit it would be a chuck-load of band-with. But that again would be speculation.

Here are the two Sandra Sisoft links showing the info:

How valid these results are, we don't know. We do know that somebody has been testing Compute performance, and the results are in the SiSoft database somehow. A false Sandra report ? We'll find out soon enough I guess. Thanks go out to Rich_Guy in our forums for spotting this one.

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