AMD Polaris 10 GPU To Offer Near 980 Ti Performance For 299 USD?

An interesting news item appeared on game debate yesterday, they claim that AMD held an event in Taiwan and has been showcasing it's upcoming Polaris GPUs. The interesting bit is that Polaris 10 would perform very close to the GeForce GTX 980 Ti but would be drastically cheaper at 299 USD.

Now then, first let me state this, AMD never shares prices this far away from launch, but still it is interesting info. The website also claims that Polaris 10 will get a 175 Watt TDP maximum. 

The Polaris 10 GPU is the successor to the 300-series, which AMD views as its mainstream range. This means Polaris 10 is not the next Fury and Fury X, but rather a 300 series successor, which is up to and including the R9 390X. That equates to the eventual Polaris 10 powered Radeon R9 490X being capable of GTX 980 Ti performance for a price tag in the region of $300-400. Click to expand Polaris Price Performance Comparison The Polaris 10 GPU itself has a maximum TDP of 175W, but AMD claims it will generally consume far less than that. Early benchmarks have the Polaris 10 scoring in the region of 4000 points in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, which puts it firmly in the ballpark of the Fury X and the 980 Ti. If AMD can hit the rumoured $300 price point with such a graphics card then it could have an absolute monster on its hands.

Also very interesting, the card would score roughly 4000 points in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, and that score is actually spot on with the Radeon R9 Fury X. Oh and guys, this post is based upon information of hearsay .. take it with some grain of salt is all I'm trying to say here.

AMD Polaris 10 GPU To Offer Near 980 Ti Performance For 299 USD?

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