AMD Pirate Islands Radeon R9 300 Series

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The colleagues over at WccfTech posted something about the next generation Radeon graphics cards. They dug up an old (what is claimed to be) roadmap which shows details about three GPUs, the R9 390X, R9 380X and R9 370X. There is no validation regarding the source material and their post is highly speculative. Then again .. rumors always start somewhere and props to them for retrieving that info.

Now in their news item posted they already claim themselves that all information is to be taken with a pinch of salt, which really is the proper way to address this information. 

The source leak indicates future Pirate Islands GPU code names and some specs. Specs NEVER are final which makes me frown up-on the posted material, anyway here's what they are claiming:


According to these details all GPUs will be based on the TSMC 20nm Node and will be true Pirate Island cores, which is why nomenclature of the dies will be derivative in nature. Another thing mentioned is that all Pirate Island GPUs will have the DirectX 12 Hardware Feature Set. According to these details the R9 370X is slated for announcement/arrival sometime this July-August this year. The R9 370X will feature a ‘Treasure Island XTX’ core and supposedly has 1536 Stream-processors, 96 Texture Units and 48 ROPs on the uncut die. Of course this road-map precedes the report we got of TSMC having a little trouble with 20nm so I am not sure how valid the time frame is anymore.

Now according to the details, we will see the R9 390X before the R9 380X. The R9 390X will feature the ‘Bermuda XTX’ core and feature a staggeringly high number of SPs, ie. 4224. The Texture Unit count is 264 with 96 ROPs. It is slated to show up late 2014 around November or so. Once again keep in mind the TSMC comment above. Finally the R9 380X which will feature the ‘Fiji XTX’ core and the following die configuration: 3072 SPs, 192 Texture Units and 72 ROPs and should appear sometime early 2015.  Now interestingly the R9 390X ‘Bermuda XTX’ GPU is slated to have 512 Bits of Memory Bandwidth while as the R9 380X  is slated to have 384 Bits with the R9 370X coming last with 256 Bits. Now the road-map even hints at the clock speeds of AMD’s future GPUs but I think it is prudent to mention that all these tech specs at this point in time are about as solid as the wind. However let us continue, with the help of this table:

GPU Codename Core Stream Processors* Texture Units* ROPs* Core Clock* Memory Clock* Memory Bandwidth*
R9 370X Treasure Island Treasure Island XTX 1536 96 48 ~900Mhz ~5Ghz 256Bit
R9 380X Fiji Fiji XTX 3072 192 72 ~900Mhz ~6Ghz 384Bit
R9 390X Bermuda Bermuda XTX 4224 264 96 ~1000Mhz ~7Ghz 512Bit

* Values are not indicative of the final product.

AMD Pirate Islands Radeon R9 300 Series

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