AMD lowers prices FM1-based APUs

AMD will lower prices of its previous-generation Socket FM1 APUs. DigiTimes heard the following prices are now in effect, as part of AMD's plan to raise product demand and boost its marketshare. After announcing its latest FM2-based A series APUs (Trinity) on October 1  AMD is set to reduce prices of its previous-generation APUs.

The FM1-based A4-3300 will be reduced from US$46 to US$30, according to sources from motherboard players. AMD Taiwan declined to comment about its price strategy. In addition, AMD will also reduce its A4-3400 from US$48 to US$35. As for its newly launched FM2-based A4-5300, AMD plans to reduce the CPU's price from US$53 currently to US$30 a quarter later to strength its competitiveness against the Intel Pentium series, the sources noted.

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