AMD Might Bundle RGB LED coolers with Ryzen processors

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AMD is to release several SKUs for Ryzen, some of them with bundled processor cooler. Some new photos leaked onto the web, showing AMDs CTo with a new type RGB enabled cooler. 

Yesterday in-house render from hwbattle with some speculative cooers surfaced on the web. The photo is confirmed to be a render from the hwbattle side. But then all of the sudden a photo of AMDs Raja Koduri (which he posted on Twitter) surfaced. In that photo he is looking at a PC with Ryzen CPU, and when you check that cooler … it’s an unknown one, looks like a Wraith cooler yet is RGB LED lit. Tere's just little reason for AMD to use an external 3rd party cooler on a bit of a viral / teaser photo like that. Other then the photos you won’t learn much. The cooler are as powerful as the AMD Wraith coolers, or 'like a Wraith'. Considering the highest TDP for Ryzen in listed at 95 Watt, that should be plenty and easy for any decent cooler though.

If you take a closer look at the photo from Raja Koduri, regardless of there is validity in the RGB cooler you have to admit, it looks pretty cool if the Ryzen SKus with cooler will be paired with a more advanced cooler and some LED lighting. Somebody give him the room alone with that PC though.

AMD Might Bundle RGB LED coolers with Ryzen processors

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