AMD joins as main sponsor for Blender

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AMD is starting to sponsor the free 3D graphics suite Blender as main sponsor. Blender now almost reached the goal of paying a total of 20 full-time developers. In the future, AMD will contribute directly as a so-called patron for the financing of Blender. This corresponds to an annual amount of at least 120,000 euros and thus two jobs for full-time developers.

That makes Blender financing now fully supported, by three patron sponsors including NVIDIA as well. In addition to AMD include the aforementioned Nvidia and the game manufacturer Epic Games reports, Golem

The Blender community has also attracted many more sponsors this year, including Ubisoft, Swedish game studio Embark, and sporting goods manufacturer Adidas. The latter obviously uses Blender for visualization. According to Blender's announcement, the AMD donation will help the team focus on general software development, improve support for AMD technology in Blender, and invest in a volcanic migration. The work on it will probably take some time. According to the current overview of financing by Blender , the non-profit Blender Foundation currently has a monthly income of around € 94,000. Next goal of the organization are 100,000 euros, which among other things 20 developers are to be paid, which drive the development of the free software. In addition, Blender's work is supported by the Blender Institute, which,

AMD joins as main sponsor for Blender

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