AMD Is Relisting 1st gen Ryzen Procs In Lineup

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Remember that observation we made last week? Being AMD removing several Gen1 Ryzen processors from the AMD listing shortly after the release of Ryzen Gen2 processors? Well, they have now relisted the missing Gen1 processors again and issued a statement about it.

Basically what we reported is that some older models get phased out; in the industry, we call that EOL, end of life. AMD stopped listing several SKUs. Six processors had disappeared; Ryzen 7 series with 1700, 1700X and 1800X, for the Ryzen 5 series the 1600X and 1400, and for the Ryzen 3 series you can see the 1200 missing.

Well, the procs now have been re-listed and inserted again, ergo these are not going EOL soon. AMD noticed our observation and decided to correct the information page, listing the processors for sale. Here's what AMD has got to say:

AMD is very proud of our recent 2nd generation AMD Ryzen processors launch alongside continuing to bring our award-winning “Zen” architecture based 1st generation Ryzen processors to market globally. End-users can purchase all available AMD products including 1st generation and 2nd generation Ryzen processors from Shop AMD.  

For our partners and customers, one of the AMD’s highest goals is to provide the most updated contents including recently launched product information, sales and marketing materials, training resources via the AMD Partner Hub, a ‘one-stop-shop’ with easy access. Our Partner Hub site also includes AMD Processor Pricing information, which is updated regularly with ‘focus SKUs’ for the purpose of easy ordering on our latest products for AMD distributors.

We apologize for any confusion caused by the omission of our full processor stack information. Please refer to (link) for all available marketed AMD products and detailed information. Partners can contact **** for any questions or information.  

So they're all back on the list, which I can confirm:

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