AMD is developing Smart Access Storage to enable speedier game loading.

AMD is developing Smart Access Storage. Smart Access Storage could be a Microsoft DirectStorage API implementation that uses hardware-accelerated decompression.

While AMD already talked about this technology before, they today announced it. Smart Access Storage has the ability to shorten game loading times. Actually, ever since 2020, it has been used efficiently on Xbox Series consoles. AMD did not publish specifics on Smart Access Storage's operation, but it is apparent that the technology is based on Microsoft's DirectStorage API, which is included with DirectX 12. AMD's implementation includes "own technology and GPU decompression," according to the company. Smart Access Storage should enhance the cooperation between CPU, GPU, and storage, allowing for decompression on the GPU, for example. The extracted textures are thus stored in the vram rather than the CPU's working memory, after which they must travel over the tight PCIe bus in an unpacked and hence bigger condition. In March, Microsoft included quick Xbox loading to Windows 10 and Windows 11. This SDK transports game objects directly from storage to the GPU, significantly lowering loading times.

AMD will reveal more information about Smart Access Storage in the coming months. To take advantage of the functionality, from the looks of things, games must support the new technology, so it's not a native solution. According to AMD, only unpacking on the visual card could reduce loading times.

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