AMD Halts StoreMI Technology distribution, Will be Replaced

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AMD's Storage (HDD) caching technology has goner EOL. AMD has decided to end-of-life the current version of the StoreMI technology, and effective March 31, 2020, AMD will no longer make this technology available for download on

End users who download the current version of the StoreMI technology prior to March 31, 2020 may continue to use it thereafter (i.e. it will not be deactivated) but AMD will no longer provide any technical or end user support.

Instead, AMD will focus its internal development resources on a replacement solution with a rearchitected feature set and a planned release window of 2Q20. Those seeking a storage acceleration solution after March 31, 2020 may wait for the new AMD solution or may seek an alternative solution such as Enmotus FuzeDrive.

AMD does not advise or encourage users to download the current version of the StoreMI technology from mirror or Internet download sites. StoreMI lets you mingle multiple SSDs and conventional hard drives into a single virtual volume. This volume will automatically assign files based on their storage speed necessities. A combination of an HDD and say NVMe SSD apps can load up to three times as faster compared to HDD loading. AMD StoreMI will by design pair your most frequently used files and assign it towards the faster storage unit for peak performance. On top of that, you can also assign an up to 2GB of RAM cache, for mega-fast data. A user-end example could be games, many of you guys have an SSD for the OS and frequently accessed applications. Games often due to install-size end up at an HDD. Here's where StoreMI comes into play, you can leave your game installed on your HDD, but combine it with an SSD into a single, faster, virtual disk. This way, the most frequently accessed data will be loaded over the fused storage, and this significantly enhances load time. 


AMD Halts StoreMI Technology distribution, Will be Replaced

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