AMD FreeSync LCD displays to be available in 2015

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AMD's Richard Huddy shares word that the first LCD displays that will support FreeSync will sample next month with retail availability in early 2015. Multiple vendors are said to be incorporating the technology.

"Multiple" vendors are preparing displays based on the technology, though Huddy declined to name names. Interestingly, he suggested there's more excitement surrounding adaptive refresh mojo than there is for 4K resolutions. You'll certainly need a lot less graphics horsepower exploit the benefits of a dynamic refresh rate than you will to run games at 4K.

Huddy expects entry-level models to start at 24Hz, which is the most desirable update frequency for typical video. Higher-end implementations could scale up to 144Hz and beyond.

Similar to G-Sync, AMD FreeSync will get rid of screen tearing and tiny sync stuttering/pulsing. The protocol FreeSync / Adaptive Sync will be embedded into DisplayPort 1.2a and eDP (embedded Displayport), there is a catch though, manufacturers of monitors are free to decide wether or not to support the technology. At Computex there are supported monitors on display, AMD however will not reveal the manufacturers just yet. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) already announced the addition of 'Adaptive-Sync' to its popular DisplayPort 1.2a video interface standard. 

AMD FreeSync LCD displays to be available in 2015

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