AMD Epyc Milan (ZEN3) generation CPU Surfaces in Linux Reference

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If you are smiling at your 64-core ZEN2 based beast of a PC or Server, it'll be based on the current Rome architecture. These processors are beasts. But we all know that AMD is paving that processor arena full, and there has been word of a Milan ZEN3 generation this year already.

Well, guess what. A Milan architecture based Epyc processors have surfaced, Twitter user ExecutableFix came across the reference to Milan in a Linux changelog, and it's a valid one alright. Interesting is the product code, you can deduct the (boost) clock speed of 2.2 GHz and the base clock is 1.5 GHz for this engineering sample. Those speeds are slightly higher than the first Rome sample. The number of cores of the Milan chip is not known.

Milan would be an SKU based on an improved 7nm process tagged ZEN3. It has been said that for Zen 3 AMD is moving to one core complex (CCX) per chiplet opposite the two four-core CCX'es that the current generation offers. This would bring more improvements in cache usage. We might see Milan released or at least announced this year already.

AMD Epyc Milan (ZEN3) generation CPU Surfaces in Linux Reference

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