AMD Series 300 and Radeon R9 Fury (Fiji) Product Announcements

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This thread is dedicated to the AMD Live stream from the E3 in the USA and the series 300 and Fiji / Fury release announcements. Several new products have been announced.

The AMD webcast is live from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles from E3 on the evening of June 16th (morning LA time!) and starts at 18:00 CEST / 9:00 AM (9:00) PDT. Fingers crossed that the feed will stay up and remains fast enough. You can expand the stream to full screen mode.

AMD today will release the Series 300 graphics cards and we do expect to an AMD Radeon Fury X announcement as well. If you have any suggestions or questions, please  post them in the thread below and I will try and answer them for you during this live web-cast.

A new Era of PC Gaming is the theme of the conference

Conference LOG:

  1. 18:00 - Alright tethering works a little but remains flaky. The presentation is just starting with Richard Huddy on stage.
  2. 18:05 - Starwars Battlefront will be shown during the preso, some VR stuff (oculus/samsung gear VR) and of course graphics cards, says huddy. talks about PC Gamers like smooth gaming and thus mentions FreeSync. Topics covered are 4K and DX12 and Vulcan (Mantle related). Huddy makes a hint towards loads of horsepower required. Intros the R300 series cards , the R7 and R9 series.
  3. 18:09 Devon Nekechuck enters the stage to talk Radeon. R7 360 is explained, they does not mention refresh products (which they are). The Series 300 will support DX12 (not explained is what feature levels. Talks FRTC Framerate target control, a framerate limiter to run the game on a lower or target framerate (to save power). Talks VSR virtual super resolution, supersampling of your games. Render the game on a higher resolution and then show it on a lower resolution for more detail. Already existing. R7 - 360 wil cost 109 USD with 2 GB of memory. R9 370 is also announced. 199 USD 4GB is the 380. The R9 390 series graphics cards will be 390 and 390 X, at 329 USD and 429 USD. No mention of refresh products, but yeah that is what it is really. Mroe on that once the reviews will go live later this week on Thursday.
  4. 18:17 Direct X12 is talked about and will be supported, but does not yet talk about supported feature levels. DX 12 offers of course lower API overhead and thus CPU utilization. Creating more complex scenes and objects in a scene.
  5. 18:19 Microsoft employee enters the stage and talks about the benefits of DX12 and the adoption rate of DX in games and the developers supporting DX12. Some content DX12 is being showed on stage. 
  6. 18:24 Huddy back on stage talking VR gaming of course. Oculus dev on stage to demo EVE Valkyrie. 150K dev kits have been shipped by Oculus already (hey I own one). Talks about latency being key to VR of course, latency is delay is inefficiency and this that does not align with your brain. AMD is obviously here to solve that ;)
  7. 18:37 Huddy slowly makes a slow hint towards Fiji. 
  8. 18:44 AMDs marketing and product management Guru Chris Hook enters the stage, Fiji is announced in an introductory video and is released as AMD Radeon Fury X. HBM - High bandwidth memory is being talked about being embedded into the actual GPU (read our article if you haven't done so). CEO Lisa Su is now on stage to talk about Fiji. Fiji Most complex and highest performance GPU ever built. AMD announced a family of products with Fiji. performance power power efficiency are the keyword for the release. 1.5x performance per watt increase. Both the Fury X is liquid cooled, the Fury (without the X) is the air cooled version. R9 Nano is also announced, a small form factor Fiji and thus HBM enabled based air cooled product at 19cm in length, offers 2x the perf of the 290X at half the power - will be available this summer.
  9. 18:53 The Fiji GPU has (as expected) 4096 shader processors - 8.6 Tflops performance and the GPU has 8.9 billion transistors. A product made for 4K gaming according to Raja from AMD. Joe Macri comes on stage and talks about architecture of memory and the problems with traditional memory GDDR memory, it has ran its course and is maxing out. Something new was needed hence a long time ago (7 years) they started HMB memory. Next for HBM is taking it to discrete GPUs, APU, servers and pretty much everywhere.
  10. 19:01 Fury X has load level LED indicators (being joked about on stage). 24th of June the Fury X will be available for 649 USD, a little later the regular model Fury will be available for 549 USD.
  11. 19:05 Huddy gets back on stage to show Star Wars Battlefront on Fury X, talks about the frostbite engine used in the game. Presentation is coming to a close. 
R9 Fury X 4GB (HBM) 649 USD
R9 Fury 4GB (HBM) 549 USD
R9 390X 8GB 429 USD
R9 390 8GB 329 USD
R9 380 2GB/4GB 199 USD
R7 370 2GB/4GB 149 USD
R7 360 2GB 109 USD

Announcement Overview

There you have it folks, the series 300 R7/R9 - 360/370/380 and 390 have been announced. The big news well Radeon R9 Fury (Fiji Pro air cooled), Fury X (Fiji XT Liquid cooled) and Nano (small form factor Fiji based graphics card air cooled) have been announced. The 28nm based Fiji will have 4096 shader processors - offers up-to 8.6 Tflops performance and the GPU has 8.9 billion transistors. these cards will get 4096 MB HBM memory running at 500 GBps. 

The Fury X will be available for 649 USD the 'regular' air-cooled model Fury will be available for 549 USD.

AMD also announced Project Quantum, this is a console-sized small form factor gaming desktop designed by AMD. This product series will be sold by the company's AIB add-in board partners.

This desktop small form factor solution offers two "Fiji" GPUs setup AMD CrossFireX. The CPU, chipset, and the two GPUs herein are are liquid-cooled. Heck let's call it it the 17 teraflops small factor machine.

Last but not least, AMD also hinted towards a dual-GPU graphics card product with Fiji GPUs. There is no information on availability and pricing, but think a LCS based version similar to the R9 295X2. This card would get 2x4GB HBM memory.

Apologies for the telegraph style posting. I am tethering here on a weird and flaky connection. Expect the first review on the X by next week, here on of course. Thanks very much for you time ! BTW the stream will remain active for the next 23 hours and AMD is gonna give away free stuff.

H. Signing off.

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