AMD Dual Fiji videocard surfaces

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The AMD Dual Fiji videocard was briefly shown during an E3 presentation and the Fiji introduction already, but after these two moments in the summer everything went silent. Aside from a few photos there are no details on this product. 

As it seems now, the release of the Dual Fiji graphics card might still be this year as once again it revealed itself in the shipment info of an India based courier service. The code-name that was spotted is "Fiji Gemini", and we need to mention here that "Gemini" has been used by AMD before to indicate a dual-GPU product.

An origin country Canada, yep the homebase of AMD's ATI group. If we dig deeper into the shipping info we can read that the cooler is based on Cooler Master, and thus that would be much similar to the Liquid cooled version of the Fury X. The earlier photos however indicate two 8-pin PCI Express power connectors and thus an allowance up-to 375 Watt (which honestly is not bad).

These small bits of info do indicate that a launch could be imminent. And yeah a dual-GPU Fiji would have 8 GB HBM1 graphics memory with a whopping 8192 stream processors. Such a card would kick massive proverbial azzz.

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