AMD denies limited availability Radeon VII

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Earlier this week there was a rumor that the upcoming Radeon VII would only become available with 5000 units, that rumor is now debunked by AMD. There should be plenty of stock available to meet the worldwide gamer demand. AIB partners will also sell the Radeon VII with 16GB HBM2 graphics memory.

The rumors indicated that only 5,000 production units would be made, AMD now has denied that rumor, but does not want to make a public statement on how much units there will be available, perhaps 5,001 haha ;) AMD mentions there will be plenty available to meet the demand from gamers worldwide.

While we don't report on production numbers externally, we will have products available via AIB partners and at launch of Feb. 7, and we expect Radeon VII supply to meet demand from gamers. 

AMD would only release reference products, these would be selling though board partners as well. Ergo AMD did not make an official statement IF there will be custom cards at all, we don't expect that to be the case. But we still can hope.

AMDs Radeon VII will take on the GeForce RTX 2080 in performance. The card will become available starting the 7th of February for 699 USD, we can't wait to bring you some numbers on it.


AMD denies limited availability Radeon VII

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