AMD Confirms ZEN3 and RDNA2 by Late-2020 on Twitter

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A bit unusual from AMD, but ZEN3 and RDNA2 based technologies will be released late 2020, AMD confirmed this on twitter. Earlier on a roadmap confirmed that the design phase of Zen 3 is complete and that will be a "7 nm+" process refresh.

Of course, the info is nothing that new as the schedule has been talked about for a long time. AMD will release video cards based on RDNA2 at the end of this year, these are aimed at 4k gaming and have hardware support for raytracing. A similar roadmap was shown for the Radeon branch from 2017 to 2021, but not 2022. The 7-nanometer rdna designs are now being shipped, and a new RDNA2 design based on a 7nm+ process would be in its design phase. On the processor side, a roadmap slide shows ZEN3 at 7nm (optimized) and ZEN4, which will be based on a 5nm fabrication node. 


The first processors with Zen 3 cores will be released at the end of this year. They are fabbed on an improved version of TSMC's 7nm process.


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