AMD confirms all RYZEN processors can be overclocked

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One more for the weekend. I actually already mentioned this bit of in in one of my earlier posts, but it is now confirmed. AMD will release several RYZEN model CPUs at launch. What wasn't confirmed just yet IF they would be overclockable , e.g. like an unlocked K model Intel processor. This is now confirmed.

All CPUs will be multiplier unlocked, the launch also invokes several models positioned lower then the 8-core flagship (also unlocked). There is obviously a motherboard restriction to be able to overclock, here you will not run into any problems either as  the X370-, X300- and B350 chipsets will all support processor tweaking. Only the low-end A320 model chipset will not be overclockable. 

AMD also announced that there will be several Ryzen models, models with perhaps 6 cores as well as 4 cores. According to a spokesman "a full range" will assist the launch, however if that is a quad-core model remains unknown for now. Ryzen also will not be a no paper launch, you will see full availability immediately. The latest rumors indicate late February as launch date.

Check out the slides below.

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