AMD Chipset Roadmap up-to 2009

Chili-hardware posted an interesting roadmap from AMD today. It includes an overview of official chipsets up-to 2009. It includes new RD890 and RS880 chipsets, both of which utilize DDR3 memory, as well as the new SB800 Southbridge.

The SB800 series southbridges for example, are more than nine months away yet the sliding slide below is detailing AMD's plans for them and the improvements they are set to contain.

The interconnect between the SB and NB will receive an upgrade towards PCI-Express 3.0, though the graphics card will have a 'dedicated' PCIe 2.0 connection. The SB800 chip will feature support for something called the Swift Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) which is part of the Fusion project, integrated Gigabit Ethernet, optional SATA 6.0 Gbps connection support, and improved hardware monitor. We can't wait.

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