AMD Centurion FX priced at 795$ coming ?

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We have a nice and tasty filled with flavor and juicy rumor just before the weekend starts. Now it is known that AMD's FX processors have a bit of history. And also please do keep in mind that AMD will not confirm this officially whatsoever, we tried so consider it to be a steep rumor. But the rumor is that AMD will soon release an evolved FX chip. Based on the same 'Vishera' Piledriver architecture used in the current FX-8350. More after the break.

So the FX-8350 runs at up to 4.2GHz, this new FX, codenamed 'Centurion', is to be made available in very limited quantities and could be clocked at 5 GHz. As the colleagues over at Hexus reported this earlier today as well:

This so-called Centurion is guaranteed to run at 5GHz, on air, though we don't know exactly what voltage or supporting hardware will be required for this lofty speed. Here's the kicker; our sources indicate that this limited-edition chip is set to cost a whopping $795 - this is not a typo! Yup, back to the pricing of FX chips of old.

Okay so that is the rumor ... we're curious as always, and we'd love to know how much power a processor like that would consume if 5 GHz is guarranteed. But hey, fast is good .. bring it on AMD, bring it on !

AMD Centurion FX priced at 795$ coming ?

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