AMD Bulldozer Engineering Sample CPU Overclocked to 4.63GHz

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It's all silent regarding AMD Bulldozer FX but but check this leak out, an FX-Series processor with an impressive 4.63GHz overclock.

The CPU that managed to achieve this feat seems to be an engineering sample of the FX-8130P and required about 1.5V in order to be stable enough to run the Super Pi benchmark at the above mentioned frequency.

The FX-8130P is supposed to be AMD's fastest desktop Bulldozer processor as it features eight processing core that are run at a base frequency of 3.8GHz. Based on the load placed on its cores, the chip can increase its frequency up to 4.2GHz thanks to AMD's Turbo Core 2.0 technology.

In addition to the four Bulldozer modules, the FX-8130P also includes 8MB of Level 2 cache memory and 8MB of L3 cache as well as an integrated dual-channel memory controller that supports DDR3-1866 modules.


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